Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates / Beehandling 08 / Icefishing 09

It has been a long time since my last post. For this I apologise to all, hopefully I can correct this. The 08 year was very busy with work and Family. My bees were a passing sideline as I went home. I keep them 16 miles south of my home at my friend Franks place. It is easier for me being this is my way home each night from work. I get off interstate and drive 10 minutes and I am there. The Bees did well making three swarms this past year. But honey was down at the end because of low rainfall. Frank caught one swarm and I hived them and they absconded. And a Friend called with another, and they absconded. So I know of 5 feral colony's out there in Wisconsin. One being the bee tree where the single one came from. I am building more WarrA hives this winter and hope to populate them this 09 swarm season. I got in contact with a pest control man. And He agreed to give me all his swarm calls. So I hope to fill up as many hives as possible. I am posting some pics with this of feral swarm catch. And me and the boys hope to go icefishing soon. :) :) :)