Saturday, May 3, 2008

What we, me and Frank and Micah did on Sunday 4/27/08

We waited a week to check on our Queens, my friend Frank and I. Weather was holding in the cold zone, below 50*F. So on this bright 54*F Sunday we dove in to check and feed. The girls had released the Queens and ate all the syrup(quart baggie feeders). Alot of wax building going on, did not look for eggs. We will wait and give them some more time. Waiting on warmer weather before we check any further. Took my 6 year son old son Micah to take pics and Frank to help, and this is what we accomplished

Opening up Hive.
Removing empty Queen cage, its on top there.
Putting in extra pollen pattie.
Friction can feeder.
Placing feeder on inner top.
This is Frank, a new beek in the making.
Second deep on to protect the feeder and the girls from robbers.
My friend Frank and Micah our photographer, who took 70 pics in 15 minutes. Not bad for a first time around bees and no veil on Micah our camera man.
I want to thank Micah for his bravery and great pictures, and Frank for his friendship and trust.

Thanks Guys