Saturday, May 3, 2008

What we, me and Frank and Micah did on Sunday 4/27/08

We waited a week to check on our Queens, my friend Frank and I. Weather was holding in the cold zone, below 50*F. So on this bright 54*F Sunday we dove in to check and feed. The girls had released the Queens and ate all the syrup(quart baggie feeders). Alot of wax building going on, did not look for eggs. We will wait and give them some more time. Waiting on warmer weather before we check any further. Took my 6 year son old son Micah to take pics and Frank to help, and this is what we accomplished

Opening up Hive.
Removing empty Queen cage, its on top there.
Putting in extra pollen pattie.
Friction can feeder.
Placing feeder on inner top.
This is Frank, a new beek in the making.
Second deep on to protect the feeder and the girls from robbers.
My friend Frank and Micah our photographer, who took 70 pics in 15 minutes. Not bad for a first time around bees and no veil on Micah our camera man.
I want to thank Micah for his bravery and great pictures, and Frank for his friendship and trust.

Thanks Guys

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Somethig Old , Something New

Late 1960's I started beekeeping, with the help of my Dads friend from work Mr. Bill Thompson. He was ready to retire from beekeeping as well as sheet metal work. And was looking to pass His bees to someone new. I ended up with all 6 of His hives and all of His bee equipment soon after.

He taught me all He new about bees at that time when beekeeping was much simpler. I kept bees until I went into the Coast Guard at eighteen. Now 32 years later I am returning to something that I truly love to do. While doing so I am teaching my friend Frank how to work with bees and my youngest Sons as well. Frank and I were talking one day about different things and I told him how I would like to keep bees again. About how much I enjoyed them and what it was like to work the hive all through out the year. And to prepare Him for the for sure bee stings that happen when working bees. We agreed to go to gather in this venture and commited to our first new hive equipment and Beekeeping gear. Then we purchased two 2lb packages of Italian bees and installed them Sunday the 19th of April 08. We are in conventional hive boxs now, Langstroth type with 8 frames per box. I have returned to my roots so to speak and started to make my own bee equipment as in the past. Two more brood box's and extra bottoms and soon honey box's. These box's are also refered to as supers, so from now on that is how I will call them. Here is the begining pictorial of our beekeeping adventure. I would like to note that we, Frank and I are also looking to start beekeeping in a most natural way. This way is refered to as TBH beekeeping or Top Bar Hive, frameless and foundationaless. Which really means You let the bees run the hive and You work with them not against them. So this will be a testamonial to this type beekeeping too. I have attached a link to the finest TBH bee forum, here on my blog in two places. So if Your interested come on and check it out, I am sure You will bee surprized at what you'll learn. ChainDriveCharlie

I will edit and add more at a later date. cdc

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sam's First Fish 6/18/03 - 3 1/2 years old

It was cold and wet when my cousin Rick and I took my son Sam fishing for his first time. A lite drizzle was falling on us while wading in the Sheboygan river. Rick and I were catching fish but not Sam. After awhile Sam laid His rod down to play and forgot about it. Until I said lets go home, no Daddy I'm still fishing said Sam. Let's go son, pick up that rod and let's get going. As He picked it up I saw the lake Chub on His hook and exclaimed You got a fish!. You should have seen that smile, come on let's go show Mom Sam. So this is what Mom saw when we called her out to see Sam's first fish. That fish was not the only one that got hooked on fishing that day.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ice fishing 2008

Some more ice fishing winter 2008, my two Boys Sam 8 and Micah 6, my good friend and Bro in CHRIST Frank. These photos are from a trip to Gerber Lakes and Fox Lake Wisconsin, two seperate fishing trips.

Gerber Lakes
Trying to get Micah to kiss the first Fish, are You crazy Dad!

Frank and the Boys
The Boys and me
Fox Lake 2-10-08

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ice Fishing 2008

There is that magical moment when a picture of
Crappies and Blue Gills will make you go fishing on the iced up lakes of Wisconsin.
So off we went, my son Micah, me and my friend Frank, who sent the picture. And went to Lake Seven to catch fish, 4 hours later no fish for Micah and me. So we packed up and went home and Frank proceeded to catch 12 nice Blue Gills.
Oh well there is always next time, hey Frank got any spare fish you dont need?